True Love Sign #7: He’s always there for you

Most women have a little trouble figuring this one out.

But if you pay attention to his actions, there may be clues that he’s not just in it for the physical intimacy.

If he’s constantly doing big AND small stuff for you, it’s his way of letting you know about this true feelings.

A lot of guys are more of doers than tellers when it comes to love.

Also, chances are it’s the real deal if he’s taking note of the small details about you and putting them to good use later on.

Maybe he knows how much you’re into badly made horror movies, for instance.

Then he’ll surprise you with a couple of tickets for a midnight screening of that cult classic you were telling him about the other week.

All this means your happiness is important to him…

…and any guy worth being with doesn’t feel 100% like a man if he’s not doing enough to take care of you.

A guy who doesn’t care, won’t bother remembering those vital pieces of information. And he won’t lift a finger to make you happy unless it benefits him in some way.

True Love Sign #8: He’s part of your life – and not just the fun parts

Another way to tell he’s in love with you if he’s going out of his way to be part of your world.

You might notice him trying to find out what you love doing, then tag along even though he’s not into it himself.

He’ll also be more than happy to meet the other people in your life because he wants to know you better.

Being with your friends and seeing you in action helps him understand what makes you tick.

A guy who’s only interested in doing the deed won’t be interested at all in seeing this other side of you.

It doesn’t serve him in any way, and he doesn’t need to take the relationship past sleeping with you.

Fake love crumbles when things get tough. He won’t muster the energy to get to know your passions and interests, and doesn’t care about the people important to you.

Doing this takes time and effort. Whether or not he goes through this trouble is the real yardstick of his feelings for you.

If he’s willing to make sacrifices that he could have very well avoided…

…and he doesn’t stop trying even when things aren’t always great between you…

…then you’d better hold on to him tight.

This points to the fact that he’s tenacious in the face of adversity, which is more than I can say for the Wham-Bam-Thank-You-Ma’am kind of guys out there.

Whether you’ve just been seeing a guy, or you’ve known him for a long time, it’s never a good sign if it just seems like he’s phoning it in.

Maybe he used to show the signs that he’s got a solid commitment to you, but now you’re not so sure about your future with him.

It’s often hard to pinpoint exactly why men pull away all of a sudden.

But you don’t have to panic if your relationship’s going through this phase. There is a way to overcome the wall that men put up when they don’t feel that fire anymore.

What you need to do is understand how men think and get a good grasp of what makes them leave. 

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