Acerola Cherry Powder Vitamin C (1lb) – The Ultimate Vitamin C Health Food 17% Vitamin C


Acerola Cherry Powder Vitamin C (1lb) – The Ultimate Vitamin C Health Food 17% Vitamin C

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Do you recognise one of these issues?

* colds and infections
* chronic fatigue
* premature aging of skin

Chances are that these issues are related to a weak immune system. And most likely, low vitamine C levels are an important cause of your problems.

But there is something you can do about it… with Acerola Cherry Powder by Mr. Ros!
A natural fruit of the Malpighia emarginata tree, the Acerola cherry is one of the richest natural sources of vitamine C. Our Acerola Cherry Powder consists of only 100% pure, natural acerola cherries. Therefore, taking just 1 tsp a day of this tasty product can help you boost your vitamine C levels and improve your overall immune system. It is as easy as that!

Why choose for Mr. Ros Acerola Cherry Powder?
There are many providers of acerola cherry products out there. So why choose for us? Well, that’s easy also: Not only are we the cheapest in terms of price per gram, independent laboratory studies have shown that our products are far superior in terms of quality, due to consistent high levels of Vitamin C. At Mr. Ros, we only use pure acerola berry’s – no mixtures, no additives! AND OUR ACEROLA IS THE BEST TO MAKE LIPOSOMAL VIT C WITH. You can best use Sunflower Lecithin for making Liposomal Vitamin C

And you are in good company
From 1967 on, NOBEL Prize winner Linus Pauling recommended high doses of Vitamin C (he himself took 18 grams daily) as a prevention against health issues ranging from a cold to cancer. Knowing all this, why not replace your morning glass of orange juice with a glass of our acerola cherry powder mixed with your favorite drink and start boosting your health! Order your Acerola Cherry Powder today.